This is a finished product intensive storage project provided for Wacker. The solution of this project mainly adopts radio shuttle and shuttle carrier. It also equipped with deflection detection, four-way shaping, AGV connection and transfer, visual identification, code scanning and labeling, etc. Through self-developed WMS and WCS to achieve intensive storage.

  • Project Parameters

    Construction area: 4200㎡
    Pallet positions: 6084 units
    Warehousing efficiency: 155 pallets/hour
    Equipment and quantity: 8 sets of shuttle carrier

    Project Parameters
  • Project Highlights

    1) Based on renovation of the existing old warehouse to achieve maximum storage capacity.
    2) The height of goods is 2100mm, and the plywood pallets require the shuttle to meet the deflection ≤25mm.
    3) WCS manages various collaborative work of equipment, while WMS connects client's SAP system together to provide a complete set of emergency solutions.

    Project Highlights