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Stacker+Radio Shuttle System Solution

System Introduction

The system provides automatic access to the cargo in high-rack warehouse, carries out WCS’s scheduling and monitoring through wireless communication, and meets the requirements of continuous high throughput operation environment. Shuttles store and take pallets in the aisle of rack, and pallets are transported by the stacker to the entrance or exit of the warehouse and sent out by conveying equipment, without the need for forklifts to enter the storage area. This system combines the advantages of the automated warehouse and the stacker + shuttle solution, the selection of this solution depends on comprehensive factors such as the number of aisles, the depth of aisles, the efficiency of inbound and outbound, etc.


Case References


Pallet position


Shanghai Rongyan Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd.

1600 units

3 sets of double deep stacker

Ksec Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

8960 units

6 sets of stacker + 6 sets of shuttle

Chongqing Kaian Mechanical & Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

2230 units

1 set of stacker + 1 set of shuttle