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4 Way Pallet Shuttle System Solution

System Introduction

4 Way pallet shuttle is an intelligent robot, which can pick up, transport, and place goods through dispatch program. It can communicate with host computer or WCS, and combine with RFID, bar code identification and other logistics information technology to achieve automatic identification of goods and automatic warehousing. 4 Way pallet shuttle system has strong site applicability and flexible layout, which can be widely used in special-shaped irregular site.

4 Way Pallet Shuttle System Solution

Case References


Pallet position


Guangdong Topstar Technology Co., Ltd.

920 units

4sets of 4 Way pallet shuttle

Baokai (Shanghai) Intelligent Logistics Technology Co., Ltd.

1676 units

2sets of 4 Way pallet shuttle

Jianrui Intelligent Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.

685 units

2sets of 4 Way pallet shuttle