This project provides intensive and automatic warehouse solution for Huayi, which contents soap warehouse and ink warehouse. The solution includes radio shuttle and shuttle carrier, layer changing lift, pallet lift, conveying line, mechanical arm, rack, WMS and WCS. It has made a complete set of automation scheme from packaging to warehouse storage and achieved automation of the whole factory production process.

  • Project Parameters

    Construction area: soap warehouse 1830㎡, ink warehouse 1323㎡
    Pallet positions: soap warehouse 3044 units, ink warehouse 2028 units
    Warehousing efficiency: soap warehouse 90 pallets/hour, ink warehouse 40 pallets/hour
    Equipment and quantity: soap warehouse 4 sets of shuttle carrier, ink warehouse 4 sets of shuttle carrier

    Project Parameters
  • Project Highlights

    1) The whole process equipment management of WCS system, including visual identification, robotic palletizing, automatic palletizing inbound, shuttle carrier intensive storage and automatic outbound.
    2) The use of outbound RGV improves outbound efficiency, meets the requirements of simultaneous outbound from multiple platforms, and saves costs.
    3) The innovative layer-changing reciprocating lift enables shuttle carrier intensive storage to achieve a significant increase in efficiency and storage capacity under limited space.

    Project Highlights