Enfon 4D Multi-shuttle Case Demo | Electronic Industry

Enfon 4D Multi-shuttle Case Demo | Electronic Industry

March 14, 2023

1. Project overview: This project is a dense storage 4D multi-shuttle system. The main products stored are semiconductor electronic devices, which are stored in a three-dimensional warehouse in the form of cartons. The weight of each carton does not exceed 30KG. The system mainly achieves the automatic inbound and intelligent storage of finished products produced by the production line, and stores the information in the warehouse management system to achieve automatic outbound and inventory functions.

2. Project highlights:

①The system can store and carry 7 types of boxes, with different sizes;

②According to customer needs, reasonably arrange the layout from the first floor to the fourth floor to improve efficiency;

③Achieve sorting, outbound and palletizing according to instructions.