Baishixin Beverage


Baishixin Beverage

This project provides intensive storage solutions for Baishixin Beverage, which includes radio shuttle and shuttle carrier system, interlayer reciprocating lifts, conveyor lines, racks, WMS and WCS. The project is transformed from an old warehouse, through phased installation and implementation, it can ensure production process and achieve the transformation of automatic warehouse.

  • Project Parameters

    Construction area: 2700㎡
    Pallet positions: 5136 units
    Warehousing efficiency: 90 pallets/hour
    Equipment and quantity: 4 sets of shuttle carrier

    Project Parameters
  • Project Highlights

    1) Unilateral inbound and outbound do not interfere with one another, which improves inbound and outbound efficiency.
    2) The depth of single aisle reaches 50 pallets with accurate positioning of radio shuttle and shuttle carrier.
    3) The use of floor changing reciprocating lift saves space and cost on the premise of meeting the warehousing efficiency.

    Project Highlights